Charlotte McKay

Darling Charlotte

I was born in Luton in 1990, but spent my childhood growing up with three siblings in the west midlands, Warwickshire. Training at the London school of musical theatre in London, I graduated in 2011 and began my career there at the Bridewell theatre playing Maureen in the musical rent. My hobbies include being a film buff! spending great nights out with friends, finding new restaurants to explore, and going to listen to live music!


I was fortunate enough to join the D Day Darlings in 2017, My favourite vintage song would have to be boogie woogie, I just love those three part harmonies! My idol of the classic era would most definitely be Ella Fitzgerald; her crooning is one of the first voices to inspire me! Being part of the D Day Darlings is fantastic, I love to have met and worked with such talented and wonderful women, and I am proud to be part of a group that’s purpose is to keep the wartime spirit alive, and honour people’s memories for the next generation. The 1940s has always had a special place in my heart, there was such romantiscm and beauty in the music of that time, and its classic sounds transcend decades and can still influence in this day and age.

What are my favourite things about Britain? Well I couldn’t go a day without a strong builders cup of tea, and a hobnob or two, and bacon sarnies on a Sunday morning! There’s a lot too be said about our weather in England, but you can’t beat the brisk air in the start of spring and a field of bluebells. Most importantly, I don’t think you can beat our dry sense of humour, I’m proud to be a sarcastic Britain!


My families’ connection to war began with my great great grandfather, Angus Fergus McKay. Born at the end of the 19th century, he spent 42 years in service In the British army as a regular and territorial soldier. In 1914 in the 1st word war, he served at the battle of the Somme and was captured as a prisoner of war. At the outbreak of the second world war, he gave a false age and served with the British expeditionary force BEF. He was later evacuated from Dunkirk. He was awarded for work with the bomb disposal in London, and was medically retired in 1944. My Great Grandfather, David McKay, served in the second world war with the London regiment. He was deployed in the anti aircraft command in the south of England.


There have been many memorable moments performing with the d day darlings, I was honoured to perform for a gentleman who was celebrating his 100th birthday, and had personally known Vera Lynn! You meet some truly fantastic men and women who served, and it’s a honour to bring back memories for them when we sing.

One of the most moving experiences I’ve had, was singing beneath the wings of a Lancaster bomber. We had the privilege of not only seeing it up close, and watch this magnificent plane take off and fly, but we were fortunate enough to see inside, and it was truly moving to sit where these pilots would have been, and glimpse the conditions that they persevered through.

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